Little House on the Prairie Furniture Giveaway



Little House on the Prairie represents an enduring appeal of simpler times and a hardy, pioneering spirit that millions have come to know and love.

That’s why we are so thrilled to announce a new line of rustic furniture based on the timelessness embodied in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s stories of love, home, family, joy, optimism, and perseverance.

To celebrate, we are offering two pieces from the collection as part of this exciting giveaway valued at over $1,000.

The giveaway includes:

  • One (1) Double Bed with a value of $559
  • One (1) 1-Drawer Nightstand with a value of $518


The instructions for entering the Dundalk Furniture Giveaway, which is powered by Rafflecopter: (Entering on a smart phone? Click Here)

  1. Start by logging into rafflecopter via Facebook or by using your email address on the screen below.
  2. Once logged in, sign up for the Little House on the Prairie® Newsletter in order to enter the Giveaway and unlock additional entry options.
  3. Earn additional entries and points when you click on the other fields and follow the instructions. 



New PanoramicView Barrel Sauna and Signature Series Sauna Interior Upgrade

Our premium PanoramicView Barrel sauna comes with an acrylic bubble back wall.  This Clear Western Red Cedar sauna allows the user to view the lake, mountains or any spectacular view that is available.  This unique wellness Scenic View Barrel Sauna feels spacious and the views just add to the relaxing feeling.



Also new is our Signature Series Interior Barrel Sauna Upgrade, this new barrel sauna option comes with full mortise and tenon enclosed seats that are contoured for extra sitting or lying down comfort. This upgrade package also includes the flat floor and full length cedar back rests.


New Timber Bunk Beds

Bunk Bed Room (Custom)

Heritage River Panel Bed NEW Low Profile Footboard

Heritage Panel Bed with Low Footboard2 (LR-

BeetleWood Platform Bed NEW With Storage Drawers

BeetleWood Bed With Underbed Drawers (LR)

Canoe Book Shelves

Rustic Pine Canoe shaped bookcases provide a unique storage system.  Options include a wine rack and doors or drawers at the bottom.  12 Finish options available.

Beetlewood Pine Furniture

We are proud to be Ontario’s only manufacturer of this eco-friendly kiln dried furniture grade Beetlewood Pine.  By using this standing dead timber from the most majestic British Columbia interior forests and recycling it into beautiful and exotic furniture is not only a wise use of this natural resource but taking a big step in for sustainability. 

The collection will feature the unique markings and blue/green tinge colouring of the wood which adds to the beauty of each piece of furniture.

12 Finishes available.  Paint is for legs only.  Stain on top.  We recommend a clear or light stained top to show the markings of the wood

POD Saunas

Check out our new POD saunas. The rain-drop shape gives extra room and lots of appeal.

These saunas are available with a standard and cedar shingle top.

New Cottage Life Weekend Collection Line!

We have partnered with Cottage Life to manufacture and distribute a line of outdoor furniture. We will be launching the Cottage Life Weekend Collection this Spring which includes the Cottage Life Chair, Relaxer and outdoor occasional pieces.

View PDF Cottage Life Ad

New! Full Window Wall

Open up your sauna to the outdoors! Now with our new Full Window Wall, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors from inside your sauna. The Full Window Wall features one solid piece of Bronze Tinted acrylic allowing you to experience the outdoors while retaining privacy.

New Hickory Dining Room Set

The new Hickory Dining Room Set is sure to please guests with its raw wood look.

Learn more on our Hickory Dining Room page.

New Bedroom Sets

We have two new bedroom collections for you to enjoy:  the rustic Barnboard and Live Edge bedroom sets.


New Rocky Valley Live Edge Dining Set

Check out our new “live-edge” dining set. Each live edge table is a unique work of art, crafted from a tree trunk, itself.

Learn more by going to our new live-edge dining set page.

Meet us at the UK pool & Spa Trade show

On February 20-22, 2014 Dundalk Leisure Craft will be attending the UK Pool & Spa Trade Show. Come see us there!

New Outdoor Cabin Saunas

You, our customers, asked for square cabin saunas, in addition to our classic barrel sauna favorites. Theyʼre here!

These new square cabin saunas offer all the same beauty, function and experience that our barrel saunas offer, but they fit naturally on your deck or backyard patio, or on your dock.

Be sure to see our cabin sauna photos in our sauna section.

New Hickory Bedroom Set

We’re excited to introduce another unique, rustic bedroom collection–the Rustic Hickory Log set. What makes this collection stand apart from the crowd is the contrast between unstripped logs and natural finished board surfaces.

New Heritage River Collection

At Dundalk, we think our all new Heritage River Collection of indoor furniture sets a fresh benchmark for rustic furniture style and beauty. With heavy posts, wide wood faces and authentic mortise and tenon construction, the collection is an immediate timber classic.

The Heritage River style is available in Bedroom, Dining Room and Living Room suites. Each suite stands apart from our previous indoor log furniture thanks to their rustic board design, as compared to log designs.

New Sauna Options!



We’re delighted to introduce two new options we’ve added to our sauna lineup.

Cove Overhang
The optional cove overhang adds a touch of class and a roof over your sauna doorway, but without the full porch. It’s a beautiful, practical option for your LeisureCraft sauna.




Leak-Proof Roof System
For clients who want to ensure that their sauna is fully water-tight, we’re now offering a waterproof kit, featuring a cedar-covered EPDM rubber membrane roof. We supply the entire kit, including the pre-cut arched roof frame which screws on top of the barrel. You finish off your roof kit by installing the 2×2 (4cm x 4cm) cedar pieces on top to keep the cedar look and hide the membrane.

Introducing Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs


Now, LeisureCraft offers an exciting new product line: Outdoor Red Cedar Hot Tubs

Enjoy a hot, therapeutic bath in one of our all-new cedar hot tubs, while you listen to the soft crackle of a fire in the wood-burning stove. Hot, wood-heated water massages your aches and pains, accompanied by the scent of cedar, and in the style of classic, Japanese bathing.

Our tubs are built in traditional, cooperage-style from western red cedar, giving you a product of incredible durability. Thanks to our wood-burner, there’s no need for electricity. Our tubs feature triangle seating inside, and optionally come with your color-of-choice vinyl covers. More….